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When you’re stuck wondering what’s best to do, do you ever wonder what a particular person might advise you to consider? I do. And often say to myself WWMMD – what would my mentor do?

Having taken on a new role recently I find myself asking the “Am I” questions. Am I learning? Am I analysing? Am I seeing market trends? Am I identifying market opportunities? Am I presenting ideas? Am I progressing? Am I inspired? Am I present? Am I heard? Am I being true to myself? Am I happy?

If you asked yourself the same how comfortable would you be with your answers? Being held accountable by my mentor and life coach has inspired big decisions. When was the last time you changed your career direction?

In celebration of Mentor’s Day I thought I’d reflect on my own experiences.

I am fortunate to have been adopted as a “mentee” by two individuals with hugely successful life experiences respectively, one within my industry and the other outside of it. And I wouldn’t be where I am today without their self-reflective questioning and impartial advise.

A mentor is someone who shares guidance, insights and lessons learned from their experiences within the industry. Where-as a life coach is someone who supports, guides and encourages self-growth through their personal experiences, and who often doesn't share a professional background with the mentee.

Over the past five years both men have provided incredible mentorship. Even though they never met the one thing which united my mentors was their shared direction, neither man settled within the safe confines of the status quo and were always driving change to move forwards. K exudes positivity, passion and profundity. He taught me to trust my instincts. M taught me the best way to face what life throws at you was to run towards chaos, to embrace failure and savour coffee.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to start my journey as a mentee. It has enabled enormous self-growth and for that I am continually grateful.

To my mentor’s, I thank you.

“The only thing stopping you, is you.” – K

“Embrace the chaos.” – M


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